Dreamy Draw Pedestrian Bridge
1991-1995, Phoenix, AZ

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Carol Shuler Landscape Architects and TYLin Engineers
Sponsored by City of Phoenix, Phoenix Arts Commission and Streets & Transportation

This project features a 311' pedestrian bridge reflecting the nearby Squaw Peak Mountain Preserve and the Mercury Mine Elementary School. Its form and red color reference the mountains and the mercury ore once mined at the site. Featuring tire tread formliners and speckled red-rock-paint-splattered finish, the bridge mimics a rock outcropping. A notable feature is the shadow garden, transforming 311' of span into a patterned walkway, ever changing with the conditions and angles of the sun. All architectural concepts, form, pattern work, paint finish, and site design are conceived by Vicki Scuri Siteworks. TY Lin Engineers provided engineering support documentation.

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