Lewis Street Bridge
1995-2000, Wichita, KS

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Mark Spitzer Designs, Gossen Livingston Architects and Professional Engineering Consultants
Sponsored by City of Wichita

Lewis Street Bridge is one of two 300' long gateway bridges. bracketing downtown Wichita, crossing the Arkansas River. The project features 40' high stainless steel light towers reflecting the nautical theme of water and the aeronautical identity of Wichita as "the Air Capital of the World." The pier lookouts with light towers suggest a ship's bow and mast. They echo the forms of the Jayhawk; a world-class sailing vessel previously moored at the boathouse next to the bridge. Lyrical patterns mark the barrier rail and walkway creating a celebratory pedestrian crossing. At night, the towers are illuminated.

Vicki Scuri provided conceptual direction and approach for all elements including: railings, paving, wall treatments, and light towers. Specifically, the light towers and lookout piers are a collaboration of Vicki Scuri Siteworks with Mark Spitzer Designs.

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