Sheridan Heights Rain Garden
2006, Lake Forest Park, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Carlos & Ruben Quality Landscape Services
Sponsored by Vicki Scuri

The project includes a 5,000 sq. foot rain garden that channels rainwater from the house roof through perforated PVC pipes underground to irrigate the garden beds culminating in the river rock channel. All collected rainwater is distributed on site. Stone walkways and plazas define two levels punctuated by large curvilinear planting beds featuring drought tolerant plants selected for form, color and texture, creating a painterly patterned palette. Plant materials include natives, ornamentals and hardy perennials with a focus on contorted and weeping trees with anthropomorphic forms. The garden stones introduce pastel hues in pinkish-browns and moss greens providing a warm contrast to the northern climate and nearby northern beachfront of Lake Washington. The garden invites the viewer to stroll, meditate and fantasize in the playful world of the garden.

The photographs featured are taken in 2012. The garden is now 6 years old and thriving. New additions include solar lighting, introducing a playful array of colored globes for nighttime viewing.

In 2008 this garden was included in the Lake Forest Park Secret Garden Tour. In 2012 it was selected for inclusion in the Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine, in an article by Valerie Easton scheduled for print in 2013.

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