I-10 Corridor Aesthetic Master Plan
2010-2012, El Paso, TX

Vicki Scuri Siteworks with Alexandr Polzin and Jacobs Engineering Group
Sponsored by TxDOT, CRRMA & the City of El Paso, TX

This master plan reviews over 10 miles of the I-10 Corridor, beginning at Hawkins Interchange then moving through the downtown core and culminating at Executive Boulevard, the City Entryway on the west side of El Paso. The plan offers a matrix of improvements, applied site-specifically to each interchange, creating an expanded dialogue including site reviews, visualizations, and successful precedents from existing projects locally and across the United States. Prioritized sites for implementation include: Airway and the Downtown Corridor, including the Railroad Arches. Airway is currently in design as a demonstration project.

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