Totem Lake

Kirkland / Totem Lake HOV Walls
2005-2007, Kirkland, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with WSDOT
Sponsored by Sound Transit, WSDOT and City of Kirkland

Kirkland, known as the city of trees, defines its downtown core with maple trees. Totem Lake, a suburban enclave north of the core is best known for its historic marsh, open space and naturalistic environs. This project celebrates the maple seed as if it is blown across land and water in a musical cadence to transform MSE HOV lane walls that mark the Totem Lake neighborhood along Interstate 405. The project includes 30,000 sq. feet of poured-in-place concrete and precast concrete MSE panels. The walls rise from 5-feet to 25-feet creating a crescendo of geometry and pattern work celebrating the landscape and transforming the infrastructure.

Inspired by Henry David Thoreau's last manuscript, The Dispersion of Seeds, suggesting that the growth of communities is like the dispersion of seeds, creating great potential and diversity, a forest of possibilities.

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