La Cholla Blvd
2001-2005, Tucson, AZ

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin and Castro Engineering
Sponsored by Pima County

This project includes 48,000 sq. feet of sound and retaining walls in the north section and 8,000 sq. of retaining walls in the south section of La Cholla Boulevard. The project features a sequence of pattern motifs that are derived from the Cholla Pencil Cactus. The images are "machine cut" emphasizing the intrusion of roads on environment. The patterns map using 12'x24' pattern layouts recombining in various configurations to create a variety of pattern sequences. Wall heights vary from 4'-12'. Relief is 3" maximum. Native plantings cast shadows on the walls; integrating light and shadow with ever changing pattern play. The south section, phased separately, includes split-face masonry block walls stair-stepped and suggesting mountain forms, providing screening for the neighborhood from the road. They include precast panels and low seat walls defining the linear park pathway sited in the Project right-of-way.

Note: The project was re-documented in 2011, ten years after the initial completion of north section. Current images show mature landscape integrated with the project artwork and walls.

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