Rails to Sails / D Street Bridge
2003-2008, Tacoma, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Exeltech and McGranahan Architects
Sponsored by City of Tacoma

This project features a roadway elevated over railroad tracks that is supported on structural, MSE green walls and rock walls as an environmental amenity along the Foss Waterway. The project includes artist collaboratively designed sail inspired lights, painted graphics for roadway lighting, shaped-patterned barrier walls with portal windows reflecting NW storefronts and tugboats, railroad rail barriers, fencing with railroad rail posts, and wavy walkway supported on MSE green walls and rock walls. Each shaped barrier wall includes the name of a historic boat that worked the Foss Waterway. The project is located between the Tacoma Dome and the downtown providing a major vehicular and pedestrian connector across the Northern Pacific Railroad Site and the Foss Waterway. The Artist introduced the environmental approach and created the identity program for the project. By using MSE green walls and rock walls, the project saved over a million dollars that was used to implement pedestrian amenities on the bridge.

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