Top 100 2013 CoD+A Awards - Collaboration of Design + Art


River Road Bridge
2009-2011, Tucson, AZ

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with HDR and McGann & Associates
Sponsored by Pima County

The project includes a 400' long roadway bridge spanning the Rillito River Wash. Stair-stepped shapes found on local buildings paired with agave cactus forms create a wave motion on the bridge. This augments the wave theme found on related projects along the corridor providing continuity. The agave, viewed as a symbol of the natural environment and human intervention in the environment, frames this crossing. Balconies provide viewing platforms over the river wash. An arch of windows perforates stair-stepped agave-shaped concrete panels dramatizing light and restricted view. For the driver the concrete panels signal the landmark providing opacity and verticality. Between balconies the panels are stair-stepped agave-shaped transparent mesh framing the full view. The bridge symbolizes community connectivity and the community's embrace of the Rillito River Wash.

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