Lakepointe Boulevard Roundabouts and Wall
2018-2023, Covington, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineers: TranspoGroup, PACE, and DEA
Sponsored by OakPointe 

This project enhances the new Lakepointe development project in Covington, WA. The city of Covington required aesthetic treatments for the new Lakepointe Boulevard being built to support the new “lifestyle center” being developed by Oakpointe. We were hired by the roadway engineers to identify the locations of, and create the designs for, several wayfinging and identify aesthetic elements at the site. These include custom formliner relief patterns for both MSE and cast-in-place concrete walls, patterned cut metal railings that relate to the concrete walls, shaping the form and landscape of two roundabout center islands, and creating and patterning cut metal landscape screens to activate these roundabout islands. These screens will be illuminated at night and serve as entry beacons to the development. They carry a dynamic pattern of sweeping curves that relates to the patterning found on the concrete walls and railings. The ripple patterns of water inspired this patterning. The site abuts a local creek and will have a dramatic lake feature. Our patterning reinforces this water-theme identity across many materials and scales.

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