The Reach

Butterfly Screen for The Reach
2021-2023, Columbus, OH

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Fabricator: JunoWorks
Engineer: CRAFT | Engineering Studio
Sponsored by White Castle 

We were inspired by the high-design, unique development that transformed the world headquarters of White Castle. We interpreted this inspiration of transformation into butterfly imagery. This butterfly inspired imagery is abstracted to create layers of interpretation and meaning. Each viewer brings their own joy and ideas when experiencing the work. This creates an emotionally rewarding, impactful experience as people discover something more in the patterning every time they see it.

This project integrates the art into the design of the space by providing a backdrop and a frame for activity in the linear park and for the special occasions when the road is turned into a festival street. This continuous gesture between the road and the office parking lot completes the envelope along the edge of the linear park, directing flow to the river. This patterned ribbon provides continuity of form at the ground plane, creating a bounding plane for the space contained around the linear park.

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