Yakima Mill Parkway

Yakima Mill Parkway, I-82 Bridges, Yakima River Bridge
2022-2023, Yakima, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Engineer: HW Lochner
Sponsored by Yakima 

The site is characterized by a panorama of rolling hills, the raging river and an untamed landscape bracketing the water’s edge. It seems lush and wild in contrast to the cultivated crops and orchards. The power of the site, in its raw form, inspired our concept for the new Yakima Mill Parkway bridges: the two I-82 highway bridges and the Yakima River Bridge. The variety of trees, shrubs and grasses offer a host of shapes to transform into pattern making, capturing the abundant nature of the Yakima Valley landscape, both tamed and wild. We worked with leaf forms to reflect this abundance in our pattern making. These pattern elements appear as 3D concrete relief on retaining walls, wing walls and bridge abutments; bridge barrier rails; and pier caps. They are also translated into pattern cut metal railings for Yakima River Bridge.

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