Airway Gateway Renovation Project: Redesign
2011-2015, El Paso, TX

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin and Jacobs Engineering Group
Sponsored by CRRMA, TxDOT & the City of El Paso
Winner, Best of the Border 2014: Best Public Art Display
Airway Most Visited Site on CODAworx in 2015

This project renovates existing infrastructure from gore to gore, over 2,000 linear feet, creating a gateway to the El Paso International Airport and to Downtown.  Inspired by images of flight and movement, the project includes an array of 50'-tall, functional, illuminated wind turbines with customized radial armatures, paired with sequences of low illuminated sculptures, and arched planters hosting native trees and plants. The project promotes sustainability, incorporating green energy and Xeriscaping. Other aesthetic improvements include: painted column wraps, pier caps, paving patterns, stone cladding, new paint, landscape lighting and programmable LED lighting for celebrating the seasons and community events”

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PDF Public Art Meets Sustainability in Texas. Solar Today, May/June 2015

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Airway at Dawn 1   Airway at Dawn 2   Airway with Wind

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