Tezel Road

Tezel Road "Butterfly Migration"
2014–2017, San Antonio, TX

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin and BWC
Sponsored by Public Art San Antonio

“Butterfly Migration” celebrates the migration of monarch butterflies, south, through the “Texas Funnel,” to overwinter in Mexico and north, in the spring, taking them through San Antonio twice a year. This design uses the movement of the monarchs as inspiration for a unique patterning concept that overlays two butterfly-inspired patterns: one moving down and one moving up. As they step incrementally across each other, the monarchs create dynamic patterns, translated onto screens. Each group of three panels, nominally 3’x6’ per panel, represents a specific iteration in the movement of the two monarchs. They start out wingtip to wingtip and slowly overlap, slipping by each other until they pass through completely. A series of 17 screens mark 6 medians along Tezel Road creating a sense of place and neighborhood identity. The screens are integrated with native landscape to provide butterfly habitat.

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