Spiral Sun Star & Environmental Amusement Garden
2001-2002, St. Louis, MO

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Gene Mackey Architects and Mark Spitzer Designs
Sponsored by Balke Brown Developers

The project features an identity walk-through sculpture; the Spiral Sun Star which is 32-feet in diameter of stainless steel and light. The sculpture is sited at the apex of a 3.5-acre recreational open space designed as an environmental amusement garden. The site is contained in a large median, in a mixed-use residential and commercial development, across the street from Forest Park, adjacent to the historic site of the Highlands Amusement Park, that featured memorable rides: the Flying Turns, the Comet, the Highland's Ferris Wheel, and more! While the Highland's Amusement Park is erased, its memory lives on and is commemorated in the Environmental Amusement Garden that features fanciful and meandering paths for strolling, meditation and fantasy.

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