96th Ave. NE Extension Finalist Proposal
2011, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin

The sculpture, sited on 96th Ave NE, an airport approach to Calgary International Airport, suggests movement and an image of flight. The series of poles, arrayed along the top path and running down a mound, hold a net of red tension cables. The white poles provide a visually clean support system that frames the artwork. The form of the sculpture changes from every viewpoint. It is a dynamic and dramatic work that captures and expresses many influences: the curves and peaks of the Rockies on the horizon, the movement of wind through the site and the movement flight. The towers are 13.7 meters tall, and hold two cables at about 42.5 meters long each. The lights are placed on designed structures 7.5 meters high and are directed at the cables. The artwork is tall enough to be seen from the air, along the flight path to the airport, and it can be seen from great distances, along the adjacent highways. It is a bold statement that is appropriately scaled for the site.

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