Dwight Murray Plaza "Napa Rose"
2016, Napa, CA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Sponsored by City of Napa

Historically, locals met at Dwight Murray Plaza, saying, “meet me at the clock tower!” With the clock tower gone, and the plaza revitalized, the city needs a new landmark. Dr. Dwight Murray, fro whom the plaza is names, often wore a rose in his suit lapel. We celebrate this local history with rose patterned site-specific sculptures and plaza paving. The illuminated beacons and café-style string lighting activate the plaza. The paving serves as a dynamic surface for activity. The rose is an iconic symbol, unifying the space. Together, the sculptures and paving, create a sense of place and identity for Napa. Once again people will gather here, now saying, “meet me at the rose!”

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