I-10 Airway Interchange
2011-2014, El Paso, TX

Vicki Scuri Siteworks with Alexandr Polzin and Jacobs Engineering Group
Sponsored by TxDOT, CRRMA & the City of El Paso, TX

Airway Interchange is the first demonstration project realized by implementing the I-10 Corridor Aesthetic Master Plan. This project renovates the existing infrastructure and site, creating enhancements that designate Airway as a City Entry and Portal to El Paso International Airport. The work promotes community identity, pedestrian scale, safety and sustainable approaches to landscape and site. Aesthetics will be themed to the concept of wind and flight while paired with local iconography and community heritage. The project team includes an interdisciplinary design team and a local emerging artist. Vicki Scuri Siteworks will mentor the emerging artist.

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