Baltimore Red Line

Baltimore Red Line Route 40 Bridges
2014, Baltimore, MD

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
Sponsored by the Maryland Transit Authority

This proposal is inspired by the history of Harlem Park, its beginning as a park and its promising future with the introduction of the Red Line. The introduction of the Red Line through Harlem Park offers place making opportunities, strengthening community identity, mobility, and connection to Downtown Baltimore. This project uses symbols of this revitalization and connectivity with images of leaves, landscape and seascape, connecting Harlem Park with downtown Baltimore, renowned as a port city. Abstracted images interweave to create lively pattern motifs. Using the slat system of the OCS barriers creates transit-scaled facades, using a mark system that promotes pedestrian scale, creating a lively visual experience. Ten bridge crossings are addressed and feature unique facades with distinct color combinations to mark place. These unique facades connect Harlem Park’s community with its new infrastructure, engaging transit riders and residents alike. The pattern work promotes pedestrian scale and way finding, marking destinations along the Red Line, and infusing community identity throughout the series of crossings.

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