Newport Way Retaining Wall
1999-2000, Bellevue, WA

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with KPG Architects
Sponsored by City of Bellevue: Bellevue Arts Commission and Department of Public Works

This project includes a series of retaining walls, up to 14' in height in a residential neighborhood near Factoria Mall. The top triangular border references the grade of the site. The concrete quilt patterning reflects local natural resources and site history. Coal Creek was once a major coalmine in the area. Factoria Mall is the first mall in Bellevue; named after the furnace factory that once stood on its site. The Jell-O mold fish patterns relate to Mall retailing and recall salmon streams of the area. Now, these natural resources, fish and coal, are used up. They are commemorated in the Newport Way Retaining Wall. Plant materials complement this NW theme synchronizing to create a rhythmic patterned landscape, providing interest for pedestrians and drivers alike, creating identity for the Newport Way Neighborhood.

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