South Bellevue Station, Sound Transit, Bellevue, WA
“Vicki Scuri was selected to develop artwork for our South Bellevue Station, one of the largest and most prominent facilities along our new East Link corridor. The station is a large elevated concrete and glass structure set into the context of the Mercer Slough, a wetlands park on the southern edge of the City of Bellevue. Understanding the need to help soften the structure and nestle it into its site, Vicki has designed an ingenious sort of camouflage for the large acoustic buffer panels on one side of the station and on the columns supporting the station’s elevated track guideways.

“In each case, Vicki has designed complex artworks using repeating patterns that change in intriguing ways over their expanses. The acoustic panel project is roughly 1000 feet long and 6 feet tall; the column paintings will almost fully wrap and run nearly the full height of each 20-feet-tall column. As complicated as these works will seem, they were successfully designed to be buildable by the station’s general contractor – no small feat.
The effort Vicki has put into developing these two artworks has been remarkable, and her balancing of the painterly and practical is a great model for all of our plans to integrate the work of artists into our facilities. We are happy to recommend Vicki and her team and look forward to hearing about her successes with other projects.”

Barbara Luecke
Art Program Manager
Sound Transit
Seattle, WA


Rock Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Silver Springs, MD
“I enthusiastically recommend Vicki Scuri for work on public art infrastructure projects.  Vicki worked collaboratively with our team of in-house and consulting engineers and landscape architects to design a pedestrian bridge that crossed a six-lane roadway (Veirs Mill Road) and is part of the regional Rock Creek hiker-biker trail system, extending fourteen miles through Montgomery County, Maryland and into the District of Columbia to Georgetown.  Vicki worked effectively with a large team of stakeholders, including state and local public agencies, over an eight-year period from the initial planning and design stages through construction.  At the initiation of the project, she identified a menu of design opportunities, turning what could have been a very ordinary project into an extraordinary one. 

“Vicki has a unique ability to inspire vision and ideas, as well as the practical knowledge and technical skill to translate them into reality.  Her boundless enthusiasm, commitment to the project, and adaptability to address budget and schedule requirements, maintenance concerns, and technical challenges were refreshing.  I would welcome an opportunity to work with her again.”

Patricia A. McManus, PLA, ASLA
Design Section Supervisor, Park Development Division
Montgomery County Department of Parks
Silver Springs, MD


Arlington Boulevard Bridges, Arlington, VA
“Arlington County, Virginia, worked with Vicki to enhance Virginia's first DOT infrastructure project statewide, two overpasses along Arlington Boulevard (Route 50) near the County's government center. We knew we needed an artist thoroughly experienced in integrating artwork into infrastructure in order to be successful in this landmark effort. For ten years, Vicki patiently instructed all of us on how to accomplish our vision in her persistent, flexible and endlessly creative fashion. I have been consistently impressed with Vicki's ability to turn "no" around to "yes" and to adapt to a shifting set of parameters. I could not more highly recommend Vicki for her ability to envision and realize this complicated task of making infrastructure beautiful.”

Angela A. Adams
Director, Arlington Public Art, Arlington County, Virginia

Meadowood Complex, Reno, NV
“Vicki's passion and vision for creating public art that truly inspires and represents the community's spirit is nothing less than amazing! Vicki was extremely versatile in coming up with creative solutions to help meet the constructability and funding constraints. I highly recommend Vicki's talents for creating public art that will resonate with the community for a lifetime.”

Tim Vesco
Bridge Engineer, CH2MHILL/RDD

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