Vicki Scuri is passionate about her work promoting community identity and more livable public places. She is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Designer, with a stellar track record spanning over 32 years. Her work thrives at the intersections of Art with Urban Design, Environment and Infrastructure, often filling the gaps between disciplines to create more a meaningful and engaging public realm.

Educated in printmaking and drawing, she transformed her studio work into large-scale public work as a member of the Downtown Seattle Transit Artist Design Team, where she was introduced to design team collaborations and urban design. This marks the beginning of her interdisciplinary practice, Vicki Scuri SiteWorks. She specializes in humanizing infrastructure and transforming ordinary and often neglected urban spaces into hubs of vitality and beauty. Infrastructure, best symbolized as the backbone of urban design, is the system upon which society builds its core values, creating meaning, mobility and connectivity. This meaning is exponentially expanded when infrastructure is symbolically connected to people and place, promoting social interaction and connectivity through shared landmarks and destinations.

Vicki’s projects are best known for symbolic pattern work, the play of sunlight and shadow over sculptural form, and her ability to conceptually engage the entire site as a canvas. Her works are layered in meaning, inviting multiple views, and sustained interest. She excels in collaborations with professionals and communities of different backgrounds than her own, promoting thoughtful, expansive dialogue and discovery. She is a good communicator and she has the ability to build consensus among diverse groups. She is knowledgeable in all phases of design, cost estimating, fabrication, and construction. She is constantly honing her skills. In 2013, she earned a Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication from UW. These digital tools expand her abilities to realize her work on the scale of the city and to embrace a more experimental process in image and fabrication development. Her practice often includes mentoring interns, public outreach, public art master planning, and promoting economic development through the Arts.

Vicki is a consummate professional who energizes her work and the people around her through her enthusiasm for creating more livable, beautiful and sustainable communities.

2013 Certificate, UW, Digital Design & Fabrication
1985-present   Vicki Scuri SiteWorks
1985-1988 Downtown Seattle Transit Project, Seattle, WA
1980-1985 Assistant Professor, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
1980 MFA Printmaking, UW, Madison
1977 Atelier 17/ Stanley William Hayter, Paris, France
1976 Secondary Teaching Credential, UC Berkeley
1975 BA, UC Berkeley


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Vicki Scuri SiteWorks

"Ms. Scuri — Your work in Arlington is beautiful. Thank you. It’s a soothing tonic in what can only otherwise be called a grueling and thankless commute home-until now. It just made me smile when I saw it. This is what public art should do."
Ray, an Arlington citizen


PDF A Dialogue of Forms:
Interview with Vicki Scuri, The ELP Airway Artist


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